Laura Kay is a comedic powerhouse...Whether it’s her embodiment of a goofy neurosis, a well-timed facial reaction, or just some good ol’ slapstick – Kay is uniformly hilarious.

Hey! I’m Laura.


5 years ago,

I woke up at 5am, put my cat in her carrier, and got behind the wheel of a Budget Rental Truck. Everything I owned was in the back. I had about $40 in my bank account, a best bud I was picking up in Virginia, and I was putting Ohio in my rearview mirror. I was moving to NYC.

Now, I’m living and thriving in Brooklyn. I hold an MFA from the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School, and have tons of training in Musical Theatre, dance, movement, and am currently training as a puppeteer for film and television.

In addition to my performance background and training, I am a writer and content creator. I premiered my autobiographical solo show, “I Kissed Your Boyfriend: Another Feminist Rant” at the United Solo Theatre Festival in 2016 and am currently developing a new musical focusing on women in mythology and folklore.

Let’s work and create together!

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